o Term/Termination: There is no minimum term for this service. The client can terminate this agreement at anytime through their client portal at getavalanche.com/account.

o Payments: Client will be charged upon setting up their billing within the client portal. Client will be charged in advance automatically each month that their subscription is in effect. Client authorizes recurring payments from the account indicated as form of payment for all amounts due and owing to Avalanche Media under their subscription.

o “Monthly Target Budget” includes paid traffic via Google and Google’s network. The management fee will go towards account management & optimization.

o Avalanche Media will pace budget according to target budget within the client portal, but may overspend or underspend your budget each month.

o Avalanche Media uses various methods for tracking advertisement metrics for your website. Changes to website must be communicated to Avalanche Media, in order to avoid errors or issues in advertising program.

o Collection Expense: In any action to recover any past-due balances, termination fees and/or any other balance due and owing, Avalanche Media shall be entitled to recover all their costs and expenses incurred in connection with client’s non-payment, including but without limitation, court costs and reasonable collection and attorneys’ fees up to 35% of the amount of the unpaid balances (plus interest accrued thereon).

o Governing Law/Jurisdiction: This subscription shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New York. Any action relating to the enforcement or interpretation of this subscription may be brought in, and only in, the Courts of the State of New York. All parties to this subscription hereby submit to the personal jurisdiction of any Court located in the State of New York and hereby waive any objection to venue of such Court for the enforcement of this subscription.

o Client maintains access and ownership of their AdWords account.

o Avalanche Media is not responsible for any damages or loss of business as a result of your marketing campaign.

o Avalanche Media reserves the rights to change any and all terms and conditions found in this subscription from time to time. Current terms and recent changes can be found at getavalanche.com/terms

Avalanche Media provides AdWords account audits. You authorize Avalanche Media to gain access to your account for an audit. You grant us access to your AdWords account manually through speaking with an Avalanche Media representative, or through our “Quick AdWords Evaluation” WordPress plugin.

o During an audit Avalanche Media will not make any changes to your account.

o Avalanche Media is not responsible for any damages or loss of business as a result of your marketing campaign.