Stop wasting money. Start getting results.

Our tested, proven process was developed from years of ppc experience and millions in ad spend to improve results for business of all sizes. Here’s how we do it.

  • Strategic Analysis

One-on-one call with an experienced analyst to discuss your business goals. We review your account and identify which areas need to be optimized to put you on your way towards achieving them.

  • Competitive Review

Knowledge is power. What types of offers are being used? Which keywords are competitors focusing on? We analyze your competition to uncover ways to enhance your own campaigns.

  • Keyword Research

Perhaps the most vital component of search engine marketing. We research and develop a comprehensive keyword list based on your industry and business offerings.

  • Ad Creation

Stand out from the competition. We craft ads that speak directly to your target audience, while highlighting the most compelling features and offers and unique to your business.

  • Built To Succed

Sound campaign organization is essential to a high performing ppc account. We utilize a mix of branding, competitor, local and geo-modified campaigns to ensure that your potential customers are being shown the most relevant ads.

  • Tracking

Visibility is important. We install all the necessary tools for tracking your advertising success so that we can clearly identify how your account is performing.

  • Set It Live!

The groundwork has been laid. With a proper foundation in place it’s time to launch your campaigns. We keep an ever watchful eye to ensure that things are running as efficiently as possible.

  • Continuous Optimization

We’ve only just begun. We proactively monitor all aspects of your account, weeding out any areas of poor performance so that you are getting the most out of your advertising.

  • Machine Driven

We’re smart, but sometimes machines are smarter. We use a combination of historical performance and artificial intelligence to make sure your ads are positioned optimally.

  • Real-Time Reporting

We preach transparency and we mean it. With access to live, Google Data Studio reports, you can view the metrics most vital to your business with ease. No need to dig through the data–leave that to us!.

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